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Zellaton: Grand

Zellaton Grand

High efficiency and extremely deep, controlled bass reproduction are basically antitheses. All loudspeaker engineers are confronted with this very problem.

With respect to the Zellaton GRAND, we, the developers of Zellaton, opted for the solution with the smallest of disadvantages: a small, extremely fast bass driver ensuring optimum transient characteristics, which - contrary to large diaphragms - integrates seamlessly into the musical scenario. Even bass runs played on various instruments simultaneously are thus reproduced accurately, conveying every single detail. When reproduced by other loudspeakers, such complex musical passages often meld with each other, because the speaker drivers lack the required speed and control.

Contrary to makeshift solutions such as ported bass and transmission line designs or indeed sealed enclosures, our cabinet has an open back. As a result, the loudspeaker can breathe, has absolutely no compression and really comes alive!