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Zellaton: Emotion

Zellaton Emotion

Zellaton broadband drivers release the sound from the loudspeaker, reproducing music with extreme dynamism and unbelievable resolution, providing for a thrilling experience. Perfect linearity in the audible range of the musical performance paired with a speed of sound that is second to none on the market. This, combined with Zellaton's unusual full-cone tweeter, is simply a delight. Its acoustic performance and the cabinet's timeless design make the EMOTION an ideal solution for small rooms. Furthermore, the cabinet's size allows for a surprisingly good bass reproduction, which remains remarkable even in large rooms.

We did not cut any corners in terms of design. The entry to our Zellaton loudspeaker range distinguishes itself by virtue of its extremely high-quality look and feel. Painstakingly hand crafted and carefully manufactured, the EMOTION matches the high quality of production boasted by our large models.