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Zellaton: Studio Reference One

Zellaton Studio Reference One

By conducting extensive studies as well as laborious and costly tests, we have finally managed to engineer a driver based on Dr. Podszus' famous rigid-foam diaphragm capable of reproducing the entire audible frequency range with breathtaking authenticity and transparency without crossover network components. We made a conscious decision in renouncing a supertweeter as the resulting phase difference deteriorates the holographic imaging of this unique system. Only the lowest frequency bands are supported by an extremely fast Zellaton bass driver. Located behind a 6/1000 mm special aluminum film is a multiple-composite rigid foam of a top-secret composition, which is foamed at a precise predetermined and monitored temperature. The minuscule bubbles, which vary in shape, position and size, play a key role in the unique acoustic performance. A guarantor of authenticity and distinctiveness of Zellaton loudspeakers, they are barely visible in the aluminum, much like the microscopic irregularities in a valuable precious stone. Zellaton's triple-layer diaphragm design avoids the disadvantages of other manufacturers' single-component diaphragms, which sound muffled or hard, depending on the material used, and lack the detailed resolution that characterizes our systems. Each of our broadband speakers is optimized by hand in a weeks-long process until they achieve the desired linearity and minimal partial oscillation which provide for extremely low harmonic distortion. In so doing, we have succeeded in combining the concept of an Ideal Point Source with a Symmetrical Input Signal while avoiding the phase shifts and disadvantages of crossover network components and coaxial operation. Moreover, this also avoids the partial oscillation and break-up as well as the resultant sound coloration of other systems, which generate the high frequency range with superposed elements (e.g. buzz cones). The result is a transparency and liveliness beyond description that wins over every listener. Professionals who work in sound studios appreciate the quality of this kind of technology, as it is indispensable in making accurate assessments of the quality of recordings. The Zellaton Studio Reference One loudspeaker turns musical reproduction into a live experience and allows you to listen to music just how it was recorded!