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The Easy tonearm is named, as it is an easy way to enter the world of perfect analogue tracking. The design of the Easy tonearm enables a variable offset angle and this is based on a newly developed and highly innovative geometry. The clever arrangement of six bearing points creates three null points for the horizontal tracking error, plus a zero point for the variable offset angle as well and this is really unique for a tonearm design. This means the cartridge is guided along the ideal tracing line just like that of a parallel tracking tone-arm. As well as perfect tracking, side forces are re-duced tremendously and this is clearly audible when listening to the EASY tonearm. Each tonearm will be delivered with a precise pro-tractor for installation and adjustment. Two counter-weights are also provided to allow a wide range of cartridges (5 to 20 grams) to be fitted. TTF-Technology - Based on our long lasting experience in building micro-bearings for high-end tonearms, we started in 2012 to develop the TTF (Thales-Tension-Free) technology. This technology should combine the advantages of tradition-al jewel bearings (damping properties, one point con-tact and angular alignment) with the benefit of the ball bearing (load resistant, solid). Much research was made before this new technology could be implemented in our tonearms. TTF technology gives incredibly low friction values, absolute freedom of backlash and as a nice side effect, an integrated shock absorbing system.