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Schnerzinger X-Line

SCHNERZINGER® X-Line opens up an absolutely new level of cable quality as a result of the application of SCHNERZINGER® ATOMIC BONDING. The extreme transmission bandwidth enables a yet unrivaled naturalness, resolution and spatial imaging and thus a unique realism of music reproduction. Because of the extreme performance bandwidth and the complex adjustment of the integrated NOIZGUARD technology to the particular system components; in order to optimize the adoption of SCHNERZINGER® interconnects we strongly recommend our professional support. Please make use of our free of charge SCHNERZINGER® advisory service. Product line: RCA - XLR - PHONO - SPDIF - AESBU - USB - SPEAKER in the quality grades:

SCHNERZINGER® 3000 - Line audio cables represent the entrance to SCHNERZINGER® sound excellence – they connect you to the music in a such an authentic way that even fastidious listeners of high grade systems will be taken by surprise. Compare these audio cables with your finest reference cables.

SCHNERZINGER® 5000 - Line audio cables lead to a tremendous refinement, pervading the complete audio chain. Experience shows, that the hearing perception will be sustainably raised, thus going back even to the best references will be very hard.

SCHNERZINGER® 8000 - Line audio cables were developed to push established limits of music reproduction.

SCHNERZINGER® 10000 - Line audio cables define the state of the art. Consistent application to the complete signal path opens a new dimension of authentically music reproduction and an access to music not even rudimentary attained to date.

Consistent application to the complete signal path opens a new dimension of authentically music reproduction and an access to music not even rudimentary attained to date.

Connector plugs - To reduce contact resistance plug and conductor undergo SCHNERZINGER® ATOMIC BONDING in common. The decision in favor of the employed connector plugs was done after a multitude of comparisons. We have decided for those devices that – after application of the SCHNERZINGER® material structure processes and in conjunction with the selected and processed CONDUCTORS - best fulfilled the aim of a continuous and consistent energy flow. Price and reputation of the tested devices were of minor importance. Any back fitting to other plugs will drastically degrade sound quality, thus irreparably destroy the SCHNERZINGER® connection.

Important information for SCHNERZINGER® technology application. In general cables have an antenna effect and attract external interfering fields. The corresponding electrical distortions can in turn limit the extreme bandwidth of SCHNERZINGER® connections. Therefore SCHNERZINGER® has developed the complex modular SCHNERZINGER® PROTECTOR interference elimination system, which takes effect on various levels, to effectively keep electrical distortions out of the conductor. Please note: As long as you still have other manufacturer cables within your system, electrical interfering fields may infiltrate through those cables. Because of the extreme SCHNERZINGER® bandwidth these captured distortions may be clearly audible, thus the expected SCHNERZINGER® cable performance enhancement may fail to appear because of this cable mix. Many customers may switch to SCHNERZINGER® cables step by step. To address the complex interactions of SCHNERZINGER® cables with other cables, upon customer agreement SCHNERZINGER® will offer onsite consultation free of charge.