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Schnerzinger Innovator

The SCHNERZINGER® INNOVATOR is a complex power distribution system for up to 10 devices, representing the summit of the innovative SCHNERZINGER® power technology. At first sight the SCHNERZINGER® INNOVATOR may appear to be an oversized power bar; it actually is a small power plant utilizing new technology, to process even highest impulse currents with breathtaking top speed and particularly absolutely free of interfering fields via integrated SCHNERZINGER® CLEANER technology. The SCHNERZINGER® INNOVATOR deploys a fixed intelligent power feed system. It provides the first barrier for penetrating outer interferences on the one hand, and on the other hand it enables draining of the inner interfering fields caused by the audio devices itself without slowing down current flow at all. Because of the shared design principles (ATOMIC BONDING, NOIZGUARD, homogeneous conductor material, aligned and processed plug and a special connection technology), the impact principles of SCHNERZINGER® technology are not disrupted, thus delivering optimum results. For a perfectly aligned complete system SCHNERZINGER® recommends to combine the INNOVATOR with SCHNERZINGER® POWER CORDs and SCHNERZINGER® PROTECTOR technology. Even owners of the most complex power concepts will be surprised by the SCHNERZINGER® INNOVATOR; clearly demonstrating the limits of even the best power strips, filters or conditioners.

In practice the interfering fields of the distinct devices will be transported through the power cords and intermix in the power bar to form a complex interfering field, which in turn will flow back into the devices. Often power bars, filters or conditioners will be deployed to counteract this significantly sound degrading problem. We know that current pulse peaks can account to more than 20 times of the power rating; so a 100 watt device may take peaks of more than 2000 watts out of the grid. In order to preserve these pulse peaks, thus retaining finest dynamical details of music reproduction, the filters have to be sized for more than 4,000 watts when only 2 devices are connected. Common filters usually are oversized only with respect to the nominal power rating, the limits are mostly even below 3000 watts. Yet parallel systems, thus operating not directly in the electric circuit, revealed shortcomings in the SCHNERZINGER® development series. SCHNERZINGER® offers the INNOVATOR in both VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) compliant version and not VDE compliant version. You may please inform yourself with the help of our VDE information paper.