Lavardin IT Integrated

Lavardin IT Integrated

The Model IT is the first commercial audio amplifier in the world to be based on our original "Memory Free" technology. The IT is a unique technological achievement resulting from 12 years of research and thousands of hours of listening tests. The elegant flagship of the Lavardin Technologies range, it is also a potent demonstration of the significance of our discoveries, denied by some, used in marketing by others.

The Model IT is a minimalist design and uses extremely accurate, high performance memory free circuitry. It is operated manually and has a line level source selection for up to four unbalanced inputs, no tape output and no phono facility. A purity and clarity that no other amplifier can achieve make the choice of the IT over competitors a natural one. But perhaps we are not the best people to claim how good our products are: let the audiophiles and the music lovers talk.