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High accuracy interconnect cables designed by FM ACOUSTICS in collaboration with with leading signal transmission experts.

Interconnect Cables by Precision Interface Technology® are unique in several aspects. Their accuracy is the result of the most comprehensive research and an in-depth understanding of signal transmission and shielding. A detailed analysis of the entire signal transfer chain must take into account all possible variations in grounding, shielding as well as all aspects of interference rejection. Final system performance depends not just on the characteristics of the cable but as much on the proper match with the input and output circuits to which the cable is connected. It is in this area where detailed knowledge of circuit design allows bypassing the usual limitations of interconnect cables. Because of the great variety of audio system configurations, there is no single interconnect cable that can satisfy each and every requirement. Each audio system requires a finely tailoreinterface solution. Precision Interface Technology® offers a variety of specifically optimized interconnects. With a multitude of different cables to choose from, the correct solution for any system interfacing can be guaranteed, be this truebalanced, pseudo-balanced, earth-free unbalanced or any combination thereof.

Precision Interface Technology® interconnects use high quality connectors that incorporate a unique exponentially enhanced contact area, which takes into account the tolerances between the various RCA/Phono receptables, XLR - and DIN connectors. Secure and lasting contact is obtained through spring loading. Connecting noises, thumps or impulses that could cause harm to equipment are avoided by using precision machined, self cleaning contacts. Ground is secured before the signal pins make contact. Low tolerance XLR connectors are employed. P.I.T.® connectors use patented strain relief technology. Manufacturing and soldering techniques of the highest standard are employed. Precision Interface Technology® interconnects are painstakingly handcrafted in Switzerland and come with a lifetime warranty. Spring loaded contacts assure optimal connection to all RCA/ Phono connectors whatever make. Ground is secured before the signal Pins make contact.