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FM Acoustics Inspiration Series: XS-1B, XS-IIB, XS-IIIB & XS-IIIB-R

The Inspiration Systems® are complete reproduction systems that provide the most natural and accurate rendition of musical events. An absolutely holographic representation of the original venue is achieved. The Inspiration Systems® employ an entirely different concept than existing "high-end" audio systems.

All limitations inherent in the usual system configurations are avoided - Unique component selection results in unmatched precision - Gone are all the compromises - No crossover correction circuits - which create phase errors, dynamic distortion etc. - are required - Trade-offs, necessary in other systems to assure that they can be driven by usual power amplifiers, are completely avoided thanks to the drive capability of the Resolution Series amplifiers.

The Inspiration Systems® are based on the Resolution Series® electronics. The singular characteristics of the Resolution Series® amplifiers (with their unique dynamic damping and unprecedented drive capability together with the Resolution Series ® line stages) allow the use of a singular, true balanced crossover design. This combination offers entirely new possibilities in the accuracy of music reproduction. The entire system operates as an complete entity. Each system component can be optimized without compromise as variables and individual characteristics of all system components are precisely defined. Variations due to the interaction of different component's characteristics, non-optimal interfacing, grounding issues, lack of coherence, limitations in dynamics, lack of drive capability and other musically relevant values are avoided. Because of this complete system solution, no other brand of component - no other preamplifier, crossovers, cables, or power amplifiers - can be used. The entire system is dependent on the characteristics and tuned to the specific components and each component is part of the systems' unique performance. Only with this systematic and thorough approach is utmost accuracy achievable. The materials in the transducers are specifically chosen for their acoustic properties, leaving the speakers reasonably sized and - while not exactly "light" - not excessively heavy. Each Inspiration System® is installed, calibrated and fine tuned to the room by a trained engineer. The result is truly unique, a realism of music reproduction surpassing anything ever heard.