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FM Acoustics Switzerland

FM Acoustics Cables. Interconnects, Phono Cables, Speaker Cables.

Interconnects: The leading experts in precision interfacing have combined their skills with FM ACOUSTICS engineers to create interconnect cables for ultimate signal transfer. Precision Interface Technology® cables allow an accuracy of system interfacing that has never before been possible.

Phono Cables: Speaker Cables: Precision Interface Technology® phono interconnect cables are unique. Their unmatched neutrality is the result of the most comprehensive research and an in-depth understanding of low-level signal transmission. Because of the variety of tonearm configurations, connectors and phono preamplifiers, different systems require different solutions. In the Precision Interface Technology® range specifically optimized phono interconnects for any application are available. These different cable types provide the correct solution for the various cartridge to phono preamplifier interconnections.

Speaker Cables: YOU'VE NEVER HEARD IT SO GOOD! With FORCELINES, cable technology takes a quantum leap towards the perfection of high level signal transfer. This is attested to by the fact that leading artists, major recording studios, prominent concert halls and demanding domestic users the world over are replacing their loudspeaker cables with FORCELINES.