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CH Precison D1 CD/SACD Unit

CH Precision D1 CD/SACD Player

CH Precision D1

CH Precision's D1 Reference grade CD/SACD unit examplifies state-of-the-art Swiss precision and utmost dedication to faithful musical reproduction. Built around the Esoteric VMK-5 VRDS CD/SACD pick-up mechanism, the D1 offers a fully modular and evolutive architecture based on optional slot-in boards for its audio outputs. Each audio output board supports two channels of audio output, either digital (DIGITAL_OUT board) or analog (ANALOG_OUT board), allowing almost any configuration ranging from a simple stereo analog only player to a multi-channel purely digital drive.

Whereas the DSD signal is down-converted to 16bits/44.1kHz (using in-house algorithms) for standard digital outputs, the D1 also integrates the proprietary CH Link interface which not only supports cyphered transmission of native DSD data but also phase compensated synchronization when the D1 is used with one or more C1 digital to analog converter(s). Analog outputs are based on a differential dual mono converter topology coupled to a fully discrete output stage. Both balanced and single-ended outputs are provided. The user interface is based on an ergonomically designed dual concentric rotatory knob with push function and feedback is given by a 24bits RGB color programmable high-definition AMOLED display. A custom infrared remote control allows access to the D1's most common functions.An oversized, multi-regulated linear power supply and meticulous attention to mechanical design, construction and assembly ensure optimal operating conditions for all circuits, especially the clocking section which benefits from its own dedicated power supply.

External synchronization capabilities can be added by the SYNC_IO optional slot-in board. This board provides standard wordclock input and output on BNC connectors for synchronization with an external clock generator.