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The CH Link digital cable, allowing the transfer of PCM audio material up to 768kHz/32bits, as well as native DSD streams up to 5.6448MHz/1bit, is the ideal connection between the D1 SACD &CD Transport/Player and the C1 Digital to Analog Controller. Using high-grade copper, low-capacitance wires and 5Gbps Molex connectors, the military-grade tested CH Link cable provides CH Precision pieces of digital equipment with the ultimate digital interconnection. Beyond its electrical and mechanical high specifications, allowing the rigorous transmission of ultra-low jitter clocks and high speed data without compromises, it is the way audio data is handled that sets that cable apart. The transfer of audio data and clocks is taking place on dedicated twisted pairs as opposed to data and clock being embedded in a single stream (ie biphase encoding method found in the S/PDIF standard). It removes several signal processing steps, dramatically improving jitter at the receiving end as well as reducing the risk of errors being introduced. Furthermore, the signals are transmitted in LVDS format. Allowing greater transmission lengths, the LVDS standard also decreases susceptibility to EMI noise while keeping EMI radiations low. The CH Link is available in 1 meter length as standard.

CH Precision Balanced Link cable is designed to interconnect analog audio units using balanced signalling through custom-made XLR connectors. To provide its equipment with the best interconnection, CH Precision has closely collaborated with the widely acclaimed cable manufacturer Argento Audio. The fined tuned combination of annealed copper strands interlaced with vibration reducing cotton fibers, unique cable twisting and a no-shield design provides the Balanced Link with the extremely low capacitance necessary for genuinely high bandwidth transmission. Besides, with pins exclusively made of solid silver, no solder - only hand crimped wires, Teflon for non-conductive parts, all of which cast inside a non-magnetic metallic body, the Balanced XLR connectors allow the finest details of the audio material to be truthfully and accurately conveyed. The Balanced Link cable is available in lengths from 0.5 meter, in 0.5 meter steps.

The fundamental concept behind CH Precision Speaker Link cable, a state-of-the-art loudspeaker cable, is to reduce the cable's susceptibility to mechanical vibration and to optimize the signal transmission through careful choice of cable and connector material and a unique construction design. Once again, CH Precision has closely collaborated with the widely acclaimed cable manufacturer Argento Audio. Similary to the Balanced Link, interlaced cotton fibers in between the copper strands, unique cable twisting, the number of strands and their diameter provide the Speaker Link with extremely low capacitance necessary for unconditional transmission quality. The silver-plated copper fork-shaped connectors are hand-crimped to allow the best connection. The Speaker Link technology is also used as internal wiring inside the '1' Serie amplifiers, creating the continuity from the power transistors pins all the way to the loudspeaker. he Speaker Link is available in lengths from 1 meter, in 0.5 meter steps.