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CH Precision A1 Power Amp

CH Precision A1 AMP

CH Precision A1 Power Amplifier

As the driving force behind recreating the full musical experience, the task of the power amplifier may seam desperately simple but is indeed highly complex. Achieving our simple goal of "add nothing, remove nothing" to preserve the full musical emotion has resulted in a ground breaking new amplifier topology. Housed in a chassis similar to the C1 and D1, the A1 sets new standards in terms of performance, flexibility of adjustments, industrial design and pure enjoyment.

The A1 is based on a novel proprietary amplifier architecture which optimizes the critical matching of the amplifier with the speaker. It can be operated either as a stereo amplifier (2x 100WRMS under 8O), as a monaural bi-amping amplifier (2x 100WRMS under 8O) or as a bridged amplifier (1x 350WRMS under 8O). Monaural analog input boards - one or two need to be installed depending of the chosen operating mode - provide single-ended RCA, single-ended BNC and balanced XLR input buffering. Each channel gain can be individually adjusted by steps of 0.5 dB in a range of +/- 6 dB.

The analog input stage is a class A full discrete, zero global feedback design, optimized for ultra-low noise and transient response. The analog output stage contains the key innovation of the A1. It is built around a class A full discrete ultra-low noise driver and a power stage operated as a pure follower in class AB. The feedback topology of the output stage allows for programmable global or local feedback or a mix thereof. Modifying the feedback ratio between global and local allows for adjustment of the A1's output to match a given loudspeaker, or even each specific driver when used in bi-amp or bridge modes. The amplifier includes a sophisticated monitoring system for each channel to report operating conditions (temperature, peak power into loudspeakers) and to ensure the security and stability of the system. There is no capacitor in the signal path. Premium grade components are used throughout such as 4-poles Mundorf capacitors, Argento loudspeaker binding posts and internal wiring, as well as many tight tolerances passive parts. A sophisticated mechanical chassis design and full USB based firmware update support contribute to make the A1 a real long term enjoyment.